Cars ★★★

Lightning McQueen is a rookie that has taken the racing world by storm with his instant success and cocky personality. On his way to a three way playoff for the Piston Cup, McQueen ends up stranded in the forgotten town of Radiator Springs. At first McQueen resents the small town and it’s residents for making him repave the road that he tore up. After awhile though McQueen begins to bond with the townsfolk and discovers that one of them shares a commonality with him. McQueen is brash and arrogant never thinking about anyone but himself. He slowly realizes that is current life is hollow; devoid of any meaningful or close relationships. His stay in Radiator Springs humbles him and allows him to experience a level of joy and friendship he never knew. The film is cute in places and has the typical Disney feel good message. It’s not super deep or ultra compelling but it has nice moments. Overall, this is is an okay film about a fast race car who had to slow down to find some fulfillment.