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  • A Night at the Opera

    A Night at the Opera


    Viewed at HOME, Manchester as part of their 'Slapstick' season and BFI's 'Comedy Genius' season. Introduced by Fraser Elliott, HOME’s Film Administration and Events Assistant.

    The first Marx picture with MGM, this has much more of a narrative than the Paramount pictures such as 'Horse Feathers' and 'Duck Soup'. The antagonists are better defined and make for better adversaries for the Marx Brothers to play off of, rather than relying on Zeppo as the straight man, and the narrative has…

  • The Favourite

    The Favourite


    Olivia ColMATHS:
    British humour + 
    Olivia Colman +
    POV Camera = 
    Peep Show

    British humour + 
    Olivia Colman + 
    Occasional fish eye camera =
    The Favourite 

    A manipulativate, power play period piece from Yorgos. I enjoyed every second of it

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  • Roma



    Great screenplay, accentuated even further by the beautiful photography. Enjoyed the playful nature of water as a running motif throughout. 
    Will need to revisit another time. Gutted I missed this in theatres and had to settle for the Netflix release.

  • Fyre



    I’ve never experienced secondhand anxiety this bad. What an absolute mess.

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  • Mulholland Drive

    Mulholland Drive


    I love rewatching Lynch films with my brother who's watching for the first time. 

    Brother five minutes before starting - "It can't be THAT weird". 

    Brother five minutes after finishing - "I never want to watch that ever again". 

    True art.

  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens

    Star Wars: The Force Awakens


    Bad space garbage.
    For fans of: Star Wars.