Shame ★★★★

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Recommended by Noel19

The intimacy of intimacy.
Fassbender's portrayal of addiction is visually stimulating - it's a downward spiral set against a backdrop of late night Manhattan. A range of animalistic urges, desperation, sport - a genuinely haunting and often painful self-destruction. It's obvious McQueen was a video artist turned filmmaker. There are moments within Shame that seem like the synthesis of ideas from his earlier video art works; namely Bear and Drumroll. McQueen's camera is at times both obtrusive and standoffish; charting this smorgasbord of rolling bodies carved from stone, and the softly lit, almost noir tinged Manhattan city scape. A quiet but far from surface level piece of psychoanalytic cinema, Shame is an in-depth character study that shows and rarely tells; a visceral experience that is often troubling to watch unfold on screen.