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  • The Power of the Dog

    The Power of the Dog


    Speachless... This was a great work of cinematic art, absolutely adore the films were you put together the pieces (like last year i'm thinking of ending things another Netflix film). Every hint is in the subtext.
    The performances are great, Benedict Cumberbatch, Kodi Smith McFee, Kristen Dunst, and Jesse Plemons.
    The direction of Jane Campion is brilliant, she knows how to absorb you into the story and stay glued to the screen looking everywhere for those clues, a great way to tell the narrative, absolutely beautiful cinematography and a atmospheric score from Jonny Greenwood.
    One of the best of the year going to rewatch again soon.

  • Jungle Cruise

    Jungle Cruise


    I like the chemistry between Emily Blunt and Dwayne Johnson and the take on the Disney ride a la National Treasure/Pirates of the Caribbean but the movie was a total miss for me, at least entertaining. This can work as a family film, the kids will love it because flashy, and the dads have their dad jokes.

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  • The Mole Agent

    The Mole Agent


    Easily one of my favorite documentaries ever, the protagonists is really charismatic as well as the whole crew of viejitos, I loved them.

    This documentary made me cry, laugh and smile a lot, it's beautiful how friendship, care, age, and love it's portrayed here with so respect.

    El Agente Topo it's a weird story when you start thinking about the how did they agree on doing this, but once you let go that and just go with the flow, you accept it and start enjoying while feeling all the emotions that it has in place for you.

    Muy lindo documental vayan a verlo.


  • The Voyeurs

    The Voyeurs


    The most horny optometrist appointment ever, that's worth watching here it really captures that moment, everything else doesn't work that well, just crazy twist and turns but not entirely predictable.