1917 ★★★★

The people writing the cinematography off in 1917 as a one shot gimmick are coming at it the wrong way because the film is set in real time. I liken the experience to a VR version of late 2000's Call of Duty where you're racing against the clock across the French landscape.

Films involving war sometimes forget to bring that tactile sensibility where the environment is tangible. Here, you can feel the mud, trees, the earth and river water coupled with corpses of people and animals. All of those elements give the movie an immersive quality that keeps you locked in on the human drama that doesn't let you at ease for its entirety.

We get around to this point of the year, awards season specifically, where people approach certain nominated movies with trepidation. While I understand that mindset, I guarantee that if 1917 was completely overlooked at the Oscars, we'd be considering it underrated.

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