The Lobster ★★★½

Bizzare, beautiful, and witful, The Lobster is an extremely well made commentary on the unbalanced and corrupted relationships within society. 
     The dystopian world is terryfying, balancing a complete lack of emotion with a subtle sense of humanity and childishness. The music is repetive, but extremely atmospheric. The images are bland and desaturated, to excellently parallel the emotionless characters. The dialogue is intentionally cold, but hilarious. Every technical aspect of the film is wonderful. This is completely different than anything I’ve seen before. It feels like a darker and more adult Wes Anderson film. 
     The story is well written but doesn't know where it is going until the very end, and even then it feels rather rushed and anticlimactic. The journey is bitter sweet, but left me feeling rather cold. I didn't necessarily enjoy watching this but I found it undeniably interesting and well made. I am excited to see more of this director in the future.

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