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  • After We Collided

    After We Collided


    The bar was literally on the floor and they managed to limbo under it. Genuinely impressive. Absolutely my new least favorite movie not starring noah cinco de mayo. Can’t believe Roger Kumble betrayed me like this after directing Furry Vengeance aka 12-year-old me’s favorite movie 😢

  • Mascots



    So lazy...it’s literally just Best in Show except the 2nd and 3rd funniest people from that are missing, cute dogs are replaced with furries, the ending isn’t nearly as emotional, and it forgets it’s a mockumentary like half the time. Buttttt any movie that’s even remotely similar to Best in Show is fine with me

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  • Taxi Driver

    Taxi Driver


    this probably would be boring to me on paper but WOW the cinematography and score are outstanding and unforgettable and entirely captivated me!!

    i’m stupid but the concept of young (+hot) robert de niro kinda shocked me idk i always assumed he’s been 70 his entire life. but he was great obviously

    .....Joker is rated higher than this on imdb...i hate it here

  • Whiplash



    J.K. Simmons looks like an evil space alien and Miles Teller has the most punchable face in existence