Barry Lyndon ★★★★★

I remember watching this film a few years ago and being genuinely underwhelmed. I mean I thought it was good (you can't say anything bad about the cinematography) but dull in several moments.

Maybe it was the atmosphere or state of mind I was in at the time but after my re-watch today I don't think I've ever so drastically changed my mind about a film upon a re-watch. I mean I was actually dreading watching this film because of how long and dull I remember it being. This time I was so utterly transfixed that it seems insane that I was so unimpressed the last time I saw it.

I just can't get over how perfect Kubrick's films are and how each and every one of them have some form of personal connection with me. This is storytelling at its FINEST and its a shame we don't see that as often anymore.

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