Ex Machina

Ex Machina ★★★★½

My first though of Ex Machina was how much it reminded me of one of my all time favorite movies Her. Both Her and Ex Machina share similar themes. They deal with human interaction and love and have similar viewpoints of the world.

Anyways, while not as masterful and touching as Her, Ex Machina still manages to tell an interesting and gripping story. I didn't expect it to be as strange and suspenseful as it was.

Oscar Isaac is one of my favorite actors and doesn't disappoint in this movie. His smart/deceiving/cocky character is so entertaining to watch (and those dance moves though...). Gleeson and Vikander give equally astonishing performances that seem to make this movie what it is.

This is a great new spin on the sci-fi genre and one of my favorite sci-fi films. Its suspenseful and entertaining led by phenomenal performances. Definitely check it out.

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