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  • First Man

    First Man


    Damien Chazelle is really, really good at this directing thing and I loved that he radically changed gears with this one. I felt you gain a whole new appreciation for what Neil Armstrong did but also for him as the person and what he was dealing with in his professional and personal life. 

    I loved the fact that we got a scene about anti-NASA sentiment of the times and how it affected his family.

    Claire Foy is spectacular as his…

  • Gloria



    The problem when you make a film like this and I have seen the shot by shot remake first (Gloria Bell), you start to end up comparing both films together.

    I think Paulina Garcia brings a different kind of energy to the main role, but when you get Julianne Moore in the lead role in your remake it's a night and day difference. Same with John Turturro and Sergio Hernandez. Moore and Turturro are frankly two of the hands down…

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  • mother!



    Oh Darren, you sly fox you. You must have been really, really angry because I've never seen someone quite so encapsulate how most people in the modern world feel right now.

    This is a true work of art and to even begin to talk about this film would require a bar stool and a couple of pints because holy fucking shit. This film was a doozie.

  • Moonlight



    When I finished watching Moonlight, I knew I had seen something truly remarkable and something incredibly important.

    This is one of the few films I've seen that so eloquently deals with the topics of race, homosexuality and masculinity.

    It's performances like Mahershala Ali's character: a drug dealer named Juan. Normally you would think a character like this would be downright evil, instead you realize he does what he does because he wants to make a better life for himself and…