Don’t like the character Mr. Chow has become, but Tony Leung’s draw as an actor, the history of his character and this being another aesthetics showcase for Wong Kar Wai, make this an interesting film albeit an unnecessarily convoluted one and one that I just couldn’t get into. I paused this film way too many times to distract myself or look up something about the film. Just look at the cast credits on IMDb.

Mr. Chow uses first person narration to tell a fictional story not called 2046, but 2047 even though that character is not him (I definitely missed the first mention that the character was Wang Jing-wen’s boyfriend in reality). Remember how Maggie Cheung played Su Li-zhen in In The Mood For Love? Well apparently she does here too, but only in the flashback sequences which confused me prior to seeing those sequences when I read the cast credits. And the reason why that’s even more confusing is because there is also a Su Li-zhen in the non flashback/fictional segments of this film, but she’s a completely different character and is played by another actress. Until this was all made clear, I was a little uncertain how much of a sequel this was to In The Mood For Love - it totally is.

I may have also been confused by how similar the actresses looked and by how randomly they come and go, but like I said, I was distracted nearly the entire time. But it absolutely had my interest during the first half hour or so. It’s a gorgeous film, and I think if I give it one or two more re-watches and see Days of Being Wild, then I might come to like it, perhaps love it. Just a hunch.