Vice ★★★

"How did you become such a cold son of a bitch?"

Back in the mid00s, some friends of mine were in a local faux-political ska band called Evil Right Wing Conspiracy. Ska was extremely not popular then, as you may know, but that made them even cooler somehow. Anyway, they had this very short song that was just one repeated hook, over and over, and it went like this:

🎶Dick Cheney must've thought it was the Taliban! Dick Cheney went and shot himself a white man! 🎶

I wish I could've watched this movie with the ERWC crew. To be sure, it's a scatter-brained, self-aware info-dump of a movie, which is to say it doesn't entirely work. But at times I was kinda charmed by it. In a world where we're still making paint-by-number biopics, McKay is doing something different—it's gonna rub some people the wrong way, and it's gonna result in some weird, messy cinema, but it's different. And I appreciate that.

Evil Right Wing! Skankin' to the beat! Evil Right Wing! Skankin' to the beat!

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