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  • Manos: The Hands of Fate

    Manos: The Hands of Fate

    That this movie is considered the worst thing ever made, I can't vouch for. The bad acting is halarious,and the direction is terrible but not the worst. Oh, and Torgo. Torgo alone is gift to cinema.

  • Mr. Mom

    Mr. Mom

    I want to say that this movie's premise is halariously outdated 30 years on, but it's not. There is still a sense of a new frontier with this story idea, and I'm sure in the 80s it was something even more outlandish.

    At its best, the movie doesn't sink down to Tim Allen levels of macho bullshit. Yes, Michael Keaton is kind of a bumbling dad at first, but he never surrenders to some compromise of doing motherhood as a…

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  • Fantastic Voyage

    Fantastic Voyage

    I've obsorbed this plot before via an episode of the magic school bus, yet I was still eager to go along with the perils of the journey and marvel at the scenery of the human circulatory system. I gotta give the color photography it's due here for making the scenery pop, along with the psychedelic footage of red blood cells. Even though you can see how the sets were conceivably constructed, it doesn't take away from how well done they…

  • Monsters



    What I liked most about this movie is how well the dystopian society of Mexico is made to look. Maybe because aside from monsters, it really isn't all that much different. I could see an argument that Monsters is a movie about the country's drug war, though you'd have to forget about that ending.