Kill Bill: Vol. 1 ★★★★

Okay, now this movie proves I don't mind violence, but I need style with my violence and Kill Bill V1 has it in spades. Often, Q goes over the top, and he certainly does here, but there's a sensibility that it retains throughout. Can't wait to watch V2!

I have to admit, though, seeing Weinstein's name in big letters at the front, and knowing what Ms. Thurman has been saying, makes me a tad uncomfortable to be in some fashion approving this. It can be hard to separate the art from the artist, even if in this case it is "just" a producer. I wish The Bride could exact her revenge on that monster too. With any luck, he wakes up from a sleepless nap, drenched in sweat, seeing her mighty katana wavering over his ugly head.