Silverado ★★★★

Silverado is an intentional throwback to the old time Westerns, written and directed by Lawrence Kasdan, writer of such classics like Raiders Of The Lost Ark and Empire Strikes Back. With a great cast of actors from Kevin Costner (supposedly given this role to make up for his role in The Big Chill, which ended up on the cutting room floor), Kevin Kline, and Linda Hunt, with the imposing figure of Brian Dennehy playing the heavy, this Western has it all.

The movie begins with Kevin Kline on the down and outs, having been recently bushwhacked. He runs into old friend Dennehy, who helps him out and begins a long set of twisted relationships. Kline rides with Scott Glenn, who is heading to Silverado to meet with his sister, after picking up his brother, played with youthful abandon by Kevin Costner (wonder if actors ever watch old roles and cringe? Although this one was funny, it was a little over the top).

One thing leads to another and the three of them, along with Danny Glover, fight the corrupt law headed by Dennehy. Lots of gun fights, plenty of great stunts, humor and stirring moments of heroism all mark this heck of a rodeo ride Western, definitely one of my favorites and a movie I have a hard time clicking past when I come across it on TV.