The Matrix Revolutions

The Matrix Revolutions ★★★★★

"Did you always know?"

"Oh, no. No, I didn't. But I believed... I believed."

Ascendance via pure choice and persistence. Annihilating your pre-determined demise. Liberation through sheer belief and love.

The ending scene is one of my favourite endings ever. A biblical text of a film. Life-changing. The Matrix Resurrections is gonna destroy me.

Side-note: One of the most common criticisms with The Matrix Revolutions is the big scene in the middle of the film where the diverse people of Zion stand up and fight against the machines using mech suits and other weaponry. It is one of the most awesome action spectacles of the 2000s. It is not a "tangent away from the main characters". Yes the Matrix trilogy has main characters (which all have things to do in this film!), but the films aren't only about them. It's about everyone person trapped in the Matrix, as well as every liberated person fighting the war. It was always gonna lead up to the inevitable conflict between the humans of Zion and the machines. There is not a single minute in this film out of place.

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