Favorite films

  • The Taste of Tea
  • Repo Man
  • Stalker
  • I Am Love

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  • Rocky III


  • Top Gun: Maverick


  • Women Talking


  • Rocky II


Recent reviews

  • Lost Bullet

    Lost Bullet


    Pure cinema

  • After Last Season

    After Last Season


    Doesn’t follow many of the conventional guides for making a feature film, but I was undeniably intrigued the entire time. Intentionally or otherwise, I felt some moments were genuinely avant-garde.

Popular reviews

  • The Booksellers

    The Booksellers


    A parade of white men extending their arms and saying, “look at my shit!” while also lamenting the death of books and probably western civilization as we know it. The documentary attempts to have it both ways by eventually highlighting some women booksellers, one especially who is sure that books aren’t actually dying, and brief coverage of the one black person in the doc who at one point laments often being the token black person in the world of antique…

  • Still Walking

    Still Walking


    Maybe the term "slice of life" is too general and reductive for this movie, but from the very beginning, you get that "abandon all obvious conflict/resolution structures, ye who enter here." It's not that the beginning or the end come at arbitrary times, or that the story lacks plot, rather it is about things so broad and universal that it is difficult to choose specifically what this movie is about, except to say that it is about life, and our…