BlacKkKlansman ★★★★

Recently I praised Blindspotting by comparing it to vintage Spike Lee, and no sooner does the man himself jump back on the screen with one of his most vital efforts in many a year. Denzel Jr. has his fathers voice but may give him a run for his money in the charisma department. Adam Driver flexes the dry comedy muscles he's largely abandoned since joining a galaxy far far away. And Corey Hawkins drops by for a stirring cameo.

Lee portrays white nationalists as redneck doofuses which is low hanging fruit for sure, but he spins such an entertaining yarn around them that it is forgivable. These are the most uncomfortable laughs in a mainstream film since Django Unchained. True to form, Spike goes ultra heavy handed with the ending, reminiscent to Malcom X, and while it may undercut a bit the world he's created, and maybe even muddy the message, it absolutely makes an impact. The theater I saw it in was deadly silent mere minutes after laughing in unison. There's been debate regarding how true this purported true story is, but regardless of the particulars, the indictment of our current time via the past is tangible.

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