Good Time

Good Time ★★½

Despicable characters making very dumb decisions. The slick vintage crime flick A24 marketed I'd love to see. The reality is rough, grim, and extremely Indie (read also as defiantly uncommercial), sprinkled with a few moments where everything coalesces and you get a hit of the movie that might have been. Pattinson is totally lost in the character here, it's just a shame it's not a more redeeming one. That said, I love the work he's been doing in recent years between this, Lost City of Z and The Rover.

A secondary character is introduced later in the film who repeatedly and aggressively states they have no memory of how they ended up in their current predicament. They then go on to explain, in great detail, exactly how they ended up in their current predicament. Why? Because it allows for the standout sequence of the film, a Guy Ritchie-esk flashback sequence. This in a nutshell is the problem with the movie; things happen, not because they make sense, but because they provide an excuse for the filmmakers get to the "fun scenes".

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