We Live in Public

We Live in Public ★★★★

"Andy Warhol was actually wrong. His view was that people want 15 minutes of fame in their lifetime. Our view is that people want 15 minutes of fame every day."

Josh Harris was shockingly prescient about virtually all of it. How the Internet would worm its way into our daily interactions, how social media would fundamentally change our behavior, how chronicling our lives would become inextricably tied to our sense of worth.

The only part he got wrong was the self-curation. Harris assumed the logical progression was maximum intimacy; a Truman Show level of access to our personal world. What he didn't see coming were the face filters, the deceptive camera angles, the "perfect life" fantasy we'd all start creating, consciously or not, within our feeds. He thought the Internet would make us too honest, instead it made us expert liars.

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