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  • Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer

    Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer


    Today’s movie was interesting. I can honestly say that this is the first movie that legitimately disturbed me over this month of horror movies. It is an incredibly well made and acted film. Unfortunately, it just makes you feel awful. This one isn’t an exploitation film. The violence and gore are kept at a very realistic level which only propagates the brutal nature. All of the attacks in the film feel like things that could and have happened, and that…

  • The Tingler

    The Tingler


    This is the second William Castle movie I have watched this month. He is clearly underrated genius. The Tingler is yet another example. A pathologist is studying deaths related to fear, and he stumbles onto a creature generated by people in extreme fear. The most interesting thing about the characters in this one is there are no clear bad guys or monsters. Everyone acts in a realistic way which is fairly ground breaking for a film made in 1959. Horror movies now struggle with this, but Castle and his cast excel at this. I highly recommend this one.

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  • Day of the Dead

    Day of the Dead


    I’ll just say it first thing and get it out of the way. It is not as good as Dawn of the Dead, but that is honestly not a fair judgment. Not very many movies are. The thing that hurts it the most is the soldiers. All of the other characters are nuanced and interesting, but the soldiers are screaming, angry, racist cartoon characters. It is almost as if Romero took the biker gang from the end of Dawn of…

  • Suspiria



    This was a 4K restoration of Suspiria, and it looked and sounded amazing! The vibrant colors that Dario Argento uses seem to explode off the screen. It is the perfect presentation the heightened reality of the movie. The first thing I noticed is how big a role the score from Goblin plays in the movie. It is so loud and bombastic that it almost feels like another character. It really drives the movie forward. The plot of the film is…