Lust for a Vampire ★★★

The vampiric Karnstein family rises from their graves to prey upon the students of a girls’ school. Can the nearby villagers stop them?
The title clearly implies a level of sex that the filmmakers had no intention of putting in the movie. It is intentionally misleading because Hammer was competing at the box office with Italian productions that always had more sex and nudity. The movie is a straightforward vampire tale. It plays into the tropes of vampire movies without breaking any new ground, but it does it very well. It gives the audience exactly what they expect. It is hard for me to criticize Hammer films. Gothic horror is what got me into horror in the first place, and no one is making this kind of movie anymore. I have enjoyed every Hammer movie I have ever seen, and this one is no exception. If you are a Universal or Hammer fan, check this one out.