Hereditary ★★½

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

So I don't know if my showing was an anomaly but I had a really interesting experience watching this.
When it got to the "really scary" part when Toni Collette is doing the Hereditary challenge behind that guy when he wakes up, I thought the whole thing was pretty funny and ridiculous. The weird thing about this showing is that I wasn't the only one. As soon as we see that shadow up there I here this guy above me wheezing trying so hard not to laugh but laughing so hard at the same time. Obviously, I broke and cracked up. The thing floating behind the guy again didn't help and we were really dying with laughter. Finally we got it sort of under control and then a guy in the row if front of mine does that clucking sound that the little girl makes and the guy above me and me just died of laughter for the next minute or so. That was the best part of the movie.
Oh and when we were walking out I heard this asshat going, "Oh did you see when it got so scary that people started laughing because of how scared it was?" No, dude. We weren't scared. The whole thing was just ridiculous.

As for the movie, pretty bad and another example of lazy horror.

Edit: I forgot to mention the headbanging was really funny too

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