Gummo ★★★★½

a true art film!!!

korine does such a good job with this whole experimental film stuff, and the dystopian setting is something like a cherry on top; it makes the whole film work. my interpretation of this film is that korine wants to show the sheer nihilism of these kids, rather than make a reflection or social comment on redneck america/white trash; because the disturbing and weird essence of the film really accentuates the latter point.

i quite like how korine doesn't physically show any sex or violent scenes, and i think this indicates the real human quality of these characters. a mentally-ill prostitute, a transvestite who kills cats... why do we like these characters? the audience empathises with these people; they're nasty, immoral, straight up weird, but at the end of the film we feel a strange kind of warmth for these derranged people. and i think that is what this film is really about.

gummo is funny, absurd, and honestly... right up my alley. i love this kind of stuff. my only qualm is the engagement; i started to lose interest during the middle of the film. if it was half an hour shorter it would have been perfect. really looking forward to watching korine’s other stuff!!

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