Tenet ★★★★★

Watched this the second time with my family.

It was like how they explained the temporal pincer movement, I was in the future watching them watch the movie like how I did in the past. Lol I sound stupid but anyways

I definitely understood it better than I did the first time, I paid more attention on the story and not how Christopher Nolan intended to confuse me lol.

It was so much more enjoyable knowing how the physics worked 

It’s so fascinating to see the twists that happened and how the end unfolded.

Watching this for the second time made me appreciate my biased love for Nolan, i thought I would be bored watching it again, but the excitement that you didn’t know the first time you watched his films reaches you on the second watch.

I honestly love this movie now despite the headache I had when I watched it the first time.

Amazing movie.

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