Love, Simon

Love, Simon ★★½

Perhaps it would be naively optimistic to hope for more from the first major studio movie about a gay teenager coming out, a significant milestone. Director Greg Berlanti and 20th Century Fox deserve kudos for giving gay kids a blockbuster romance of their own — complete with a first-kiss-atop-the-Ferris-wheel-finish. “Love, Simon” may reach across the aisle to the “totally normal” kids with a huge secret, but it reaches right over everyone else.

“Love, Simon” deserves celebration as a groundbreaking achievement from a major studio. Berlanti’s gay Midas touch has ushered in countless LGBT characters to television, and his film venture is no less significant. The cast is notably diverse. It’s too bad that the movie isn’t as vibrant, funny, and entertaining as the community it wishes to represent — but it’s a start.

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