The Thing

The Thing ★★★★★

"In six hours a storm is going to hit and we're going to find out who's who."

The Thing is not only one of the most chilling and thrilling films to come out the 80s, but it’s also one of the most progressive uses of practical special effects I've ever seen in a film. The story alone is so enticing, which makes for a great play on the paranoia of destruction coming from within a group. A dark nightmarish story that uses the tools of isolation, terror, and tension to explore the inner psyche of the group’s struggle to weed out the thing. John Carpenter shows some of the best camerawork and direction I've seen in any of his movies, also hired the master, Ennio Morricone to do the score. Russell provides one of the coolest lead performances in sci-fi, horror movie history, but also makes for an interesting main character that is a little bit more complex and cool headed than most heroes of this genre tend to be. One of my favorite elements of the film, is the mythos it builds on the alien and its back story, which adds to the mystery and builds the tension that makes the movie so thrilling to watch. Thanks to the direction, score, acting, story, and special effects this film only gets better with time and gains more of my appreciation every time I watch it.

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