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This review may contain spoilers.

This movie is so confusing and frustrating and not just the fact that everyone in the cast is too old for their part, except Bo Burnham. I don’t normally care about the age of people too much, but Cassie (Carey Mulligan) turns 30 during the movie, even forgetting her own birthday, and Carey is 36 and everyone else she “went to school with” is even older, ending with Max Greenfield, who is 40, and they all look their age. That’s not a bad thing, but these people are all supposed to be in their early 30’s and it was distracting. Carey’s American accent is so peculiar too and just reminded me of how great she was in Wildlife. “I’m a grown Woman, Jerry. Why don’t you act like a grown Man?”

But the most distracting thing is that Cassie is only shown doing cruel things to women the entire movie. The closest we get to her doing anything remotely cruel to a guy on screen is smashing that asshole’s taillights when he gets all road ragey. Even the start of the movie with Adam Brody’s character Jerry is cut short to her just walking home the next morning. McLovin and Sam Richardson both get off easy too. The movie has no problem showing her be the worst by torturing Alison Brie & Connie Britton’s characters. It makes no sense to be worse to women over the men that actually did it. 

The last 15 minutes are the biggest bummer though, because after being reminded a whole movie that Cassie’s friend Nina was completely wronged by her classmates as well as the school and legal systems after her ordeal, Cassie basically goes to the bachelor party of the prick that harmed Nina, knowing she might die, only to then be killed in what is pretty much just self-defense on his part, before they burned her body to cover it up, but Cassie decided to send evidence to Alfred Molina’s lawyer character, because he appeared to show real regret for what happened to Nina, and then allows the police to be the heroes and arrest him at his wedding. WHAT?! 

She really was okay with letting the cops arrest him and just hope that they prosecute him and a jury actually finds him guilty? This movie wants me to believe he’ll actually be punished properly? I guess it’ll be okay because she sends Bo Burnham a scheduled text from the dead. Way to show him by getting murdered, Cass!

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