Steve Jobs ★★★★

I really like how Boyle shot on 16mm, 35mm and digital for all three segments. All the acting is great, especially my forever crush Kate Winslet, and I love that even though he’s not a father, Stuhlbarg is still a great father figure. 

I’ll always be nostalgic about this because I got to see it at the Arclight when I visited Los Angeles for the first time. Growing up in the Midwest I was always annoyed when you’d see ads for movies constantly saying “Opening in NY & LA” with a date for me a few weeks to over a month later. For once I got to see it when it really opened. And at the Arclight on Hollywood right by Amoeba to shop at afterwards. For this nerd, it was the perfect afternoon. 

And then Seth Rogen was nice enough to respond to my tweet about the film a couple days later.

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