Nights of Cabiria ★★★★★

I came to watch La Strada and Nights of Cabiria because Fellini was the next topic for an old film challenge that I'm still working my way through, but more than anything I came away from them a huge Giulietta Masina fan. I think she might be the most hilarious actor I've ever watched. Just her facial expressions and movements made me laugh out loud numerous times. She imbued both of these films, which on paper would be total slogs or unbearable tragedies, with so much humor and life. It seems almost unbelievable that Zampanò and the other characters in the films didn't see this charisma and feeling themselves, and make her as much of a star as they could in their worlds. I guess that speaks all the more to the tragedy underlying these tales, our failure to see the wonder and value in our fellow humans.

Now I'm not entirely sure if I will even like a Fellini movie that doesn't have Masina in it, but we will see.

Watched for the Film School Drop Outs - 2018 Challenge: Week 33 - Revision (2017) - Auteurs - Federico Fellini