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This review may contain spoilers.

"i guess i'll see you in the movies."

they waltz beneath the indigo empyrean, in the twinkling city and underneath those smiling stars. la la land is a gorgeous, effervescent elegy concerning fame, artistry, creativity, and most importantly the dreams in which these concepts bloom like expressive flowers. throughout its runtime, i couldn't help feeling anything other than sheer joy—a desire to construct something, a twinge of disappointment in knowing it would never reach the heights at which this film towers, and a sense of peculiar contentment in knowing i didn't have to. this gave me emotional whiplash but in the best way possible. so now i propose a toast: here's to the fools who dream. may the love they shared exist and thrive eternally in their memories. even though mia and sebastian didn't end up together, i'd like to think the two are still dancing in that reverial cosmos—in a literal city of stars, shining just for them, high above the streets where their broken love lays.

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