Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse ★★★★★

"that's all it is, miles. a leap of faith."

this is one of the most beautiful movies i've seen on so many different levels. into the spider-verse doesn't merely transcend its franchise, it transcends the superhero movie—for it refuses to submit to the prosaicism of the genre, nimbly refusing at all times to look or talk as superhero movies ought to. this movie is a leap of faith—spiderman doesn't have to be white, spiderman doesn't have to be a man, hell, he doesn't even have to be human (i'm looking at you peter porker, whatever beautiful miracle you are). into the spider-verse lifts the marginalized and misrepresented onto its shoulders and i absolutely love it. it's not without its flaws, but it's also not without its effortless magic. sometimes i wish that thanos would just put me out of my misery and snap the superhero genre out of existence, but this is the first time—maybe ever?—that i've had hope. here's to more movies like this. hopefully including spiderman noir.

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