The Favourite

The Favourite ★★★

masochistic aegis. the favourite exists somewhere between the detached humiliation of the killing of a sacred deer and the restrained intimacy of the lobster, unskillfully borrowing elements from both and somehow ending up much worse. i think just when i had gotten used to lanthimos’ penchant for exploring the dichotomy between logic and emotion; the polarity of pathos and logos, he decided to make a movie with no logic and even less emotion. i guess that's to be expected, but somehow with the lobster, its detachment lent itself well to the overall theme and beautifully climaxed in an emotionally charged sequence with absolutely no emotion on display. here, the lack of sentiment seems as if it will build into something worth staying for, but by the end i just felt betrayed and unfulfilled. basically what i like about lanthimos’ other films is that their lack of passion seems to act effectively as deprivation that leads to reprieve, something it seems he failed to emulate here. beautifully shot, hilarious, well performed, but at the core, hollow and ultimately valueless.

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