Cannibal Holocaust

Cannibal Holocaust ½

31 Days of Halloween 2020: Day 22

Roger Ebert sums up my feelings for this movie in his zero star review of Wolf Creek: "I like horror films. Horror movies, even extreme ones, function primarily by scaring us or intriguing us. Wolf Creek is more like the guy at the carnival sideshow who bites off chicken heads. No fun for us, no fun for the guy, no fun for the chicken. In the case of this film, it's fun for the guy."

This was just as disgusting as expected. The tagline asks can a movie go too far? and my answer is when depicting actual torture and cruelty to animals yes it can. Even if I had watched a cut without the animal cruelty this is still a pointless and stupid film. The score sounds like an old Atari game throughout and the last line of Cannibal Holocaust actually made me say fuck you movie out loud. Fuck this movie. Fuck everyone involved. Pointless trash.

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