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  • Us



    the tethered version of my ex is the same person. 
    my life is a movie directed by Jordan Peele 
    hits harder rewatch and it’s grown on me a lot but I still think Get Out is superior

  • Freaky



    I wish I could change bodies with the kid LAROI

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  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


    i’m still waiting for the turtles to drop their hip hop christmas album

  • The Lego Batman Movie

    The Lego Batman Movie


    Batman refers to himself as BRUNO!! 
    both schmidt and Jenko are in this movie as Superman and Green Lantern. 
    Batgirl is a real crowd pleaser 

    Batman in the beginning of this movie: 
    Always lived my life alone
    Been searching for a place called home
    I know that I’ve been cold as ice
    Ignored the dreams too many lies
    Somewhere, deep inside
    Somewhere, deep inside me 
    I found, the child I used to be
    And I know that it’s not too late
    Never..... too late

    3 AM!!!!