Burning ★★★★½

i’ve probably tried writing this about 10 times. lee chang-dong crafts one of the most immersive and enigmatic narratives of the year. burning is incendiary — it will undoubtedly stay with me forever. 

each frame oozes with tension and yearning. everything is just so laden with meaning, and the interplay of class resentment and existentialism is explored with such mastery. 

steven yeun gives one of the year’s best supporting performances — his portrayal of ‘ben’ is so complex and layered; he somehow manages to come across as charismatic, menacing, and unassuming all at the same time. 

at its core, burning is such a deeply human story, few words can express my feelings at the moment. it’s an astonishing work of cinema that is utterly unforgettable. 

P.S. that miles davis sunset sequence is easily one of my all-time favourite scenes in cinema.

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