Carrie ★★★

It's really surprising to me that I have never watched this film, considering how I enjoy Stephen King, horror in general, as well as the films of De Palma. I finally rectified that, and although I can't say I was blown away by it, I am glad I watched it, and there are some truly interesting sequences in here. The famous one is of course at the prom, but I had only seen video or shots of the blood pouring on her head, but not of the aftermath, which is very well put together. And the ending sequence is pretty chilling as well -- and I love that ending with Amy Irving. It's also quite impressive to see that cast. Unfortunately, there are some problematic things in here, and it does make you feel icky at times (like the opening shower scene, and the way Travolta's character treats his girlfriend) -- as is often the case with films of that era, it's an unfortunate sign of the times.

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