Halloween Kills

Halloween Kills ★★★

I'll say that despite the fact that I really enjoyed the previous film, I went into this one with lowered expectations because I was hearing bad reactions from friends. That said, I don't think I disliked it as much as others did, it certainly wasn't on a level as the last one (that marks the start of a new trilogy, that acts as a direct sequel to the 1978 original). Sure, there are kills galore, but there's not much of a story -- although I did quite like that they do show stuff from 1978, to contextualize what's happening now -- and I was pretty disappointed that, at the end, Meyers just turns into a supernatural entity, which I didn't think is where there were going to go (the original film, and the 2018 film, are both pretty grounded). I still want to see the next film though, and hopefully we'll get more of an interesting story to close this up.