Prisoners of the Ghostland

Prisoners of the Ghostland ★★★

I'll start by saying that I'm glad I watched this, although I can't say I loved it. I think the thing that I found annoying/disappointing is that I really enjoy great world building in a movie, and have no issues accepting a world that is different from ours, but I want there to be sense to it all, and here, I didn't feel like most of it made any sense. Is this Japan? If so, why do they live in western-like town. Things like that. It just made everything feel like it didn't matter, and so why should you care about anything. That said, I enjoyed the general vibe of the film, the way it's shot, and I do like that it's offering up something we haven't really seen before. And Cage is pretty fun in this, probably my favorite Cage role in a while.

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