The Forever Purge

The Forever Purge ★★★½

I've enjoyed watching the Purge series in general -- and even watched the first season of the TV series, which I thought was fine, but didn't get around to watching the second season (stopped after an episode or two). I will say that I was starting to suffer from Purge fatigue (which I think explains why I didn't watch the rest of the second season of the TV series). After seeing the trailer for this, I did like the idea of the Purge just not ending, and having watched the movie, not only does it really come off as the next logical step for this story (when you think about it, this was always bound to happen), I really enjoyed this, more than the last few movies I think. The chaos the ensues feels more visceral than usual, because it's not supposed to happen, and I think the Texas setting was a nice change of pace from all of the urban settings of the previous films. I'm not pretty excited for what the next film will bring (assuming there is one).

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