Punch-Drunk Love

Punch-Drunk Love ★★★★½

I’m still reeling in from the chaos this movie has caused in my subconscious mind. This movie really touched my heart. But not in a sweet supple way that swells in your eyes, no, more like a dagger that twists and turns digging deeper and deeper; until you relish in the pain and can only beg for more. 

That might be a bit overboard. 

What I’m getting at is this didn’t immediately make me think of love. Instead I thought of pain and suffering and the plight of our mentally unstable protagonist. I want so desperately for him to have justice, yet he shows me how little he deserves it. This poor man was abused and taken advantage of and all he’s left to do is cope with his circumstances. He needs to escape, but doesn’t know how and it’s not until the very end where he’s presented with that opportunity. An opportunity that he feels so confident in, an opportunity where he can escape his controlling domineering family. HE SUCCEEDS FINALLY!!! After all the bullshit he’s suffered through. Why don’t I feel catharsis? Why do I still feel numb?

I think it’s because of that final shot where Lena is looming over him. Coming from nowhere to stand above him, judge, and micromanage his existence. I suppose it’s my pessimistic nature that thinks Barry’s fate is inevitable. He won’t ever be able to live freely as he pleases, he will forever be under someone’s thumb. Standing at call for their beckoning. 

That’s probably just me. Still, great movie.

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