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  • Thank You

    Thank You

    Just wanted to say another quick thank you to everyone! Thank you so much for getting me to over 4,000 followers and I truly appreciate the support— big or small— over the past year! To celebrate: I’ll be doing a giveaway right here on Letterboxd, in the next few days!


    Here’s some future reviews coming soon to Letterboxd, MyNewsLike.com (and possibly YouTube)!

    - Phineas and Ferb: Across the 2nd Dimension
    - Phineas and Ferb: Candace Against the Universe

  • Tigertail



    Tigertail is not only a powerful love story on the importance of self-worth and not wasting your life for others, but also explores the hardships that most immigrants face. Our main character Pin-Jui is talked down to in childhood by his grandma, (who raises him in place of his parents) telling him to keep a brave face and the importance of maturity. She might not mean to discourage him, but over the 2nd act, you see how his upbringing, along…

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  • Uncut Gems

    Uncut Gems


    A “cut above”

    While Uncut Gems is mostly perfect, I still had a few issues with it. The pacing towards the middle, subtle humor, and abrupt ending, pull the film down to a degree. There’s also no clear messages, which made me wonder what the film’s true intent was. Still The Safdie Brothers and Ronald Bronstein have created something so jarring (in a good way) that it must be seen to be believed. The filmmaking combined with Adam Sandler’s performance…

  • 1917



    “A time to remember”

    Other than the lack of violence and character development throughout most of 1917, it is truly a masterpiece. Like many war films I’ve seen, we don’t get much background for the central protagonists. Yet somehow, I still found myself concerned for them here. Most of that has to do with the “one shot” editing/ cinematography work helmed by Lee Smith and Roger Deakins, respectively. I felt like I was apart of the war itself, especially this…