Avengers: Endgame

I’m sure people will look at this as a performative anti-marvel thing but I generally like these movies and I was genuinely interested. Idk. This made me pretty sad and not for the cynical reasons it wants me to be. Every arc that’s been set up is solved with a wave of the hand, even arcs that were carefully built up over the course of years. The only emotional journey of any character that feels real and lived-in is built on 2003-era fat jokes. Setups that have actual narrative promise (especially the middle third’s potential as the ultimate pop culture ouroboros) are immediately discarded with a wry smirk at the camera. Ugly CGI versions of characters that textually have never met each other fight for half-explained reasons on ugly gray backgrounds. Even the sometimes well-done goodbyes tend to feel like yet more setups for the Content Machine, a supposed grand finale that closes on a tease for a Disney+ series. I wish I hated this on the level where I could be angry at it. That would be a feeling with some power behind it. Instead, I’m just sad. Happy some people are finding some value, at least.

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