saw the b/w version with some friends, which unfortunately lived up to my worst fears and felt pretty slapdash— honestly a great way to showcase how b/w is a formal choice with its own peculiarities and not just a photoshop filter we put on top of color film. most of the film looks decent, but a lot of the most impactful moments driven by splashes of color (hot sauce, bread at the party) are completely drained of their hit. the night scenes in particular are so murky and muddy that i don't know how someone could parse them unless they'd seen the film already (which i wouldn't have worried about until like 2/3rds of our audience indicated it was their first time).

still, a shoddy alt version doesn't change the fact that this is still very, very good! a couple notes that have been rumbling around in my head since the last time i saw it in november:

-everyone rightfully acknowledges the strength of the performances but i really don't understand why cho yeo-jeong isn't the consensus pick for the best. almost all of the comedy beats rely on her, and she kills every single joke she's given. seriously one of the best at funny gasps!

-if it hasn't been written already, i'd love to see someone tackle the role of americanized native imagery and how da-song's obsession is filtered through like three layers of culture. it's one of the most interesting things running throughout the movie imo.

-finally, i don't think it ruins the movie outright (obviously) but i always think less of this immediately after finishing because the ending just feels so sloppy. i get the idea behind it, but the combination of sudden v.o. and a series of three to four different endings that would all be better than the moment it actually ends on just doesn't work at all. as is, i really don't know how it made through the editing process.

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