• The Woman Who Ran

    The Woman Who Ran

    been turning this one around in my head a bit since yesterday and i'm only growing more positive on it. the triptych structure is so simple but, much like hong's style in general, the simplicity allows it to sort of wedge itself in your brain and reveal its deep emotional core over time. it doesn't have a clear conceit like a day he arrives or right now, wrong then, but the clashes with men that close out each of the film's major conversations feel as insightful about social norms, regret, and masculinity as anything else i've seen from hong.

  • Kajillionaire



  • Undine


    A movie that I am pretty sure I like and am also kind of baffled by after one viewing, classic combo

  • Hopper/Welles


    "Actors aren't people!" - Orson Welles

    "I don't believe in fractions." - Dennis Hopper

  • City Hall

    City Hall

    Yet another late-period banger from Wiseman, who continues to cement his legacy as one of if not the most vital American filmmakers. On a basic level, it's a wonderful watch, flowing smoothly and quickly for a full 4.5 hours (a testament to Wiseman's continued filmmaking and editing skills at age 90). On a deeper one, it follows in the footsteps of the best of Wiseman's work on liberal institutions. Like those other films (2017's Ex Libris being the most recent…

  • The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

    The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

    this is forrest gump to me

  • Chapayev


    a film that unabashedly subscribes to the great mustache theory of history

  • Malmkrog


    it speak to puiu's skill at blocking and shot composition that this remains visually interesting and dynamic for three and a half hours despite primarlily taking place in two or three adjacent rooms. beyond that, ymmv extensively depending on how much interest or even patience you have for prolonged philosophical debate. some of the conversations were much more compelling for me than others, and i thought some of the ideas running below the surface to be worth thinking about (e.g.…

  • Gregory Go Boom

    Gregory Go Boom

    no thank you

  • In My Room

    In My Room

    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    hey not my relative so ignore me ig but i find putting a recording of your dead grandmother breaking down and sobbing in a fashion ad about being bored in your apartment to be kinda gross!

  • JFK


    this is like the ultimate boomer soft lefty/lib movie because it has a ton of really riveting discussion of the CIA's role in foreign coups and great editing that manages to communicate a deep distrust of authority and the state on a fundamental structural level but it's all mixed in with a big gay panic sex party where tommy lee jones is painted gold and kevin costner almost crying talking about how cool and anti-establishment (???) jfk was

  • The Diabolic Tenant

    The Diabolic Tenant

    i can't believe how fucking diabolic this tenant is... wtf