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  • Joker


    The one really big laugh in here comes from specifying which movie Bruce Wayne had seen just before his parents were murdered and how George Hamilton inspired him to don a mask and fight crime. It's... my favorite thing about a Batman movie in quite a while.

  • Guncrazy


    A little uncomfortable with how much I didn't hate it. I think the idea of low-rent remaking GUN CRAZY with these two just turned me off so hard way back when that I avoided it, but y'know... it's not a straight-up remake - got lots of nods to the namesake, plus other lovers-on-the-run fare like BADLANDS and BONNIE & CLYDE, but it's also got a great small roles for Michael Ironside, Billy Drago and Joe Dallesandro.

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  • White Sands

    White Sands

    Honestly, I haven't seen this movie since it was new nearly twenty years ago. Needless to say my tastes have changed some, but some things that haven't like my enjoyment of Mickey Rourke doing damn near anything on screen, my love of crime stories and the strength of the cast - Willem Dafoe, Samuel L. Jackson, M. Emmett Walsh (plus Fred Thompson and Mimi Rogers just kinda hanging around the background). Seem to recall the film's immediate critical dismissing and…

  • You Were Never Really Here

    You Were Never Really Here

    Joaquin Phoenix is Joe a man whose existence revolves around taking care of his elderly mother and who makes a living as an off-the-books operative specializing in finding lost children caught up in sex-trafficking and dispensing brutal violence upon their captors. He's a man exposed to violence and physical/psychic trauma all of his life, as seen in flashback fragments from abuse at the hands of his father to the horrors of war, and it's taken a toll on Joe whose…