Inni ★★★★★

Having first heard and loved Hoppípolla through the BBC Planet Earth advertisements in 2006, I was late to the Sigur Rós party, as I think were the majority of British fans.

In many ways, Sigur Rós defined my university years as I gradually discovered their actual albums rather than just the advert music that the Beeb picked out.

Their latest concert film “Inni” really does define Sigur Rós to me – quirky yet it draws you in. I think out of the 75 minute runtime you see the audience at Alexandre Palace for about 2 of them. Odd for a “concert” film, especially when the effects applied make it look as though the audience has been literally cut out, but it turns out to be quite endearing.

Re-filming the digital print onto 16mm added a large amount of grain to the film, giving it a 70′s or 80′s documentary feel. This combined with the effects applied and super-close-ups help give an emotional response to the amazing music being played.

As a fan this expression of emotion was also enhanced by my personal feelings to the various tracks being played. Even after so many years I still can’t name the tracks, only remember the first time I heard them. This is the first time I’ve seen them perform their beautiful electric sound-scapes and whilst I knew about the usage of the bow on the electric guitar, some other effect methods really made me chuckle (singing into the guitar’s pickup for example).

Inni is definitely an experience I would recommend even if you have only heard Hoppípolla. And what an experience it is.