The Hate U Give ★★★★

Though I felt one plot element was particularly unnecessary, taking the focus off the main story, the emotional highs the work brings out is undeniable. It’s heart is not only in the right place, it’s pulsating, aching and alive right in the moment. 
The strong ensemble including Regina Hall, Russell Hornsby and Anthony Mackie help to bring the material to life. Hornsby especially as Maverick should receive much acclaim for his work as a father making sure his kids know to a 'T' all about the dangerous systems working against African-Americans. Amandla Stenberg handles the central role perfectly and shows she has a helluva of a career ahead of her showing an inner strength well beyond her years. Her role of Starr being made tragically aware of the ways the world is systemically stacked against her and her community but tries to find her voice and message that enacts change is the YA hero we need now.

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