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  • Inception



    Bilge was right.

  • Mala Noche

    Mala Noche


    Strong first-film vibes here.

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  • The Crucified Lovers

    The Crucified Lovers


    Also known as A Story from Chikamatsu. One of the titles contains a spoiler.

  • Virginia City

    Virginia City


    These Errol Flynn Westerns all kind of blend together after awhile. They employ much of the same cast, shoot in the same locations, have similar stories, and even the same costumes. They're all amusing, but I wish Flynn would have stretched himself more. He's always confident. He never played a villain; he played rogues, scoundrels and ruffians. In Virginia City, Humphrey Bogart has a small role as a Mexican bandito. He's utterly miscast, but he seems to be the only one operating outside his comfort zone.