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  • McCabe & Mrs. Miller

    McCabe & Mrs. Miller

    I've slept on this movie for 20-plus years basically because I don't usually like westerns. I have always found them boring (even the good ones) and applying Robert Altman's ponderous (and often navel-gazing) style to a genre I'm already not that hot on did not make this shoot up my watchlist.

    But I found McCabe and Mrs. Miller to be one of Altman's more engaging films. Sure, it doesn't rush to get where it's going, but it always felt like…

  • Mid90s


    I don't know, it's fine. Like most of the other films I've seen in the theater this month, I found this to be an enjoyable watch despite being wildly flawed.

    The dynamic between the main group of kids was great, as were their performances. But their naturalism made Lucas Hedges's already-questionable older brother character really stick out. Or maybe I'm sick of Lucas Hedges now. Hard to say.

    Stevie's home life somehow felt both under baked and over wrought. Like,…

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  • The Muppets

    The Muppets


    It's fine if you don't like this movie, but it probably means you're an angry, hate-filled asshole, and fuck you.

  • Airplane!



    1) It's been scientifically proven that this is the funniest movie of all time, so we don't need to have that conversation any more.

    2) I thought jive was an actual language until I was maybe 13.

    3) For some odd reason the visual gag of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar being pulled away from the cockpit wearing his Lakers gear and goggles is one of my favorite jokes in the movie.

    4) This movie is rated PG but has boobs in it,…